Dorset: home of the Jurassic Coastline, beautiful beaches, historical gems, countryside retreats and more. So why should you visit Dorset this summer?


The Sights


The Jurassic Coastline hosts some of the most beautiful coastal sights. From the famous natural arch formation at Durdle Door and nearby coves to Chesil beach – the UK’s largest tombolo at 18 miles long (“tombolo” being a geographical formation which connects one stretch of land to another). It was at Dorset (West Bay) where the famous Broadchurch series was filmed and Lulworth Cove where one of the final scenes of World War Z featuring Brad Pitt was shot.

The Jurassic Coastline is not the only must-see, there are incredible historical sights which include 1,000 year old castles such as Corfe Castle and old celtic forts, such as Maiden Castle, which boast the most beautiful scenic 360° view.

If that’s not enough, the famous English novelist Thomas Hardy, was born and raised in Dorchester, Dorset and wrote about the stunning views around North Dorset. And whilst we are discussing North Dorset, we cannot forget the infamous Gold Hill at Shaftsbury – a famous cobbled street which was even featured on a Hovis advert. 


Eco Retreats


Dorset can be a great place for an eco-holiday. Not only are there numerous travel options from trains, busses and amazing cycling locations which can reduce your carbon footprint but also there are numerous ‘eco’-holiday retreats and b&bs awaiting you to settle in.

An example of which is the Whitestones Art Retreat: a quirky, self-sustaining, solar powered holiday home at Portland which is available to rent on Airbnb. The Whitestones Art Retreat was bespokely designed with environmental health in mind and built by us at Huub. It is powered by the sun, heated using underfloor heating systems and hosts an air source heat pump.

Huub built the Whitestones Art Retreat: Rent it on Airbnb: SEE IT HERE


About Huub


At Huub we specialise in sustainability. This means that every holiday room, garden office pod, home gym, workshop (and more) is built fitted with solar PV.  Our Huubs can power up to 90% of your entire home’s electricity needs (especially when coupled with a Tesla Powerwall).

Solar PV isn’t all though. All our Huubs are made using both sustainable and  recycled materials with low VOC content – as such our environmental impact is greatly reduced. In fact, due to our focus on being green, our Huubs have received Energy Performance Certificates of A**…you really cannot get better than that!

If you are interested in building a Huub holiday home or want to see our selection of Huubs available, contact us on: 01305 250429

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Photo Credit: Sussex Photo (image from ‘Golden Cap’ on the Jurassic Coastline).

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