The Beginning


It all started in the heart of Portland (Dorset) in 2018. When Huub won the contract to build White Stones Art Studio and three eco self-catering holiday studios.

White Stones was a unique opportunity which entwined the foundations of modernity and sustainability – which became Huubs fundamental selling points. 

Alongside the help of architects, the owner of White Stones created a “quirky” build which pursued renewable solar energy following “ethical considerations” regarding the issues associated with fossil fuel derived power.

The three eco self-catering holiday studios feature:

  • Bespoke accommodation
  • Bathroom with rainforest shower
  • Kitchenette
  • Snug living area
  • Mezzanine bedroom
  • Under-floor heating
  • Private courtyard area with water feature


We recently spoke to the owner of White Stones to gain an overview of the process and success of the build and he said:

“The retreat has provided a pleasing space for me to work in. Whilst we overshot the completion date of the build by a couple of months due to the complexity and bespoke nature of the project, our customers have provided positive feedback about the retreat”.

Looking into the future the owner aims to install Tesla Powerwalls to reduce his reliance on grid electricity and is looking to install electric vehicle charge points.

The Creation of Huub


Following the completion of White Stones Retreat, we saw great potential in the design and manufacturing of solar powered eco-pods – especially in a future where we see sustainability as essential!

Our problem was that Portland is cold, wet and windy. Working conditions were challenging and provided additional difficulties in the building process. 

Furthermore, whilst our bespoke build was a great achievement for Wessex Eco Energy, designing and building such unique eco-pods posed a timescale and labour intense conundrum.

Huub became our answer. 

To mitigate the loss of building time associated with weather permitting conditions, Huub went modular. All our eco-pods are built in our solar powered workshop in Frampton which is only 11 minutes away from our Wessex and Huub office in Poundbury, Dorset. 

Secondly, we went sustainable. We dedicated ourselves to sustainability and work towards environmental health – not against it. So, we researched and sourced quality materials which posed the lowest environmental impacts. Our Huubs contain natural woods, aluminium, recycled plastic and low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials.

We realized going truly bespoke was incredibly hard to sustain into the future but we wanted to provide elements of ‘bespokeness’ for our clients. As a response to this, we designed a range of Huubs, which come with size and window glazing options. 


For more information about our range of Huubs see our website HERE.


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To book a holiday break at our Whitestones retreat click HERE

To learn more about the White Stones Art Retreat read HERE.


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