On the 26th November 2021, Glasgow (UK) will be hosting the UN Climate Change Conference. During this time, global parties will unite to support the progression towards climate action.


Why Glasgow?


The name ‘Glasgow’ derives from Gaelic “Glaschu” and translates to “Dear Green Place”. Glasgow itself has committed to reach its carbon neutral status by 2030 and aims to become one of the greenest cities within Europe. 

At present, the city is 4th in the ‘Global Destination Sustainability Index’ (Gothernburg, Sweden is currently ranked 1st) and has achieved this status by incorporating sustainable initiatives into environmental management, social responsibility and corporate/supplier relationships.  


What are Some of the Aims of the Conference?


  • Increase commitments to emissions reduction
  • Increase adaptation to climate change impacts
  • Increases finance for climate action
  • Enhance international collaboration


Key Points from the Climate and Development Ministerial Chair’s Summary


  • Leaders identify opportunities for job creation, role of technology and innovation, and wider sustainable development in action to prepare for and respond to climate impacts. 
  • Leaders identify the need to increase finance for adaptation and resilience. 
  • Leaders outline the financial challenges imposed by COVID-19 and acknowledge the opportunity for a global green recovery. 


About Huub and our Commitment to Sustainable Development


Huub is a Dorset based, British company that constructs modular, timber framed, solar powered garden buildings. 

By building modularly, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and waste. Studies show that offsite construction can reduce waste by up to 90% and energy usage by 67% less since less transport is required.

All our Huubs are future proofed; this means that they will be readily set-up for a renewable energy focused future since each and every Huub is fitted with solar PV which can generate up to 90% of your homes electricity needs (if supported with a Tesla Powerwall for energy storage). 

type 31 series

We pride ourselves on using premium eco-materials whenever possible. As a result, we use:

  • Up to 60% recycled aluminium
  • High quality plywood with low VOC
  • Recycled plastic 
  • FSC approved wood


For more information about Huub visit our website: https://www.huub.house/

Email us at: sales@huub.space 

Or phone us on:01305 250429


Photo Credit: UKCOP26

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