The Green Homes Grants was a £2billion Government grant scheme which encouraged UK homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes…however, the scheme has been labelled as a “massive flop” by MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis following widespread issues with the scheme.


The Green Homes Grant was praised during its ‘release’ last year and received quick uptake as within three weeks, more than 20,000 applications were filed.

The Grant offered homeowners up to £10,000 to improve the energy efficiency of their homes which included projects such as: insulation, double glazing, solar thermal and air source heat pumps.

It was reported that two thirds of UK households were interested in the scheme however, the scheme did not go to plan and became what can only be described as a widespread let-down. As a result, the scheme is now fully closed for new applications.


Home Energy Usage


The Green Homes Grant had the potential to make real change within the UK since at present, most homes have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D – which is classified as ‘inefficient’. And, as average annual electrical energy consumption is around 3,000kWh within UK households (although can vary between 1,800kWH – low – and 7,100kWh – high), this grant had the potential to not only reduce household bills but also reduce energy wastage. It was a winner winner situation.


The Issues


Homeowners applying for the scheme struggled to find registered installers. In fact, up to 80% of applicants who sought registered installers were unable to do so. Therefore, the grant created a lot of hassle since homeowners were overwhelmed by the complex nature of the process and ended up putting homeowners off applying. 

If that wasn’t enough, only 21% of applicants had their grant issued and of the 2,777 installations, only 904 have so far been paid…

Let’s hope another new initiative develops in the near future!


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