Branded as one of the UK’s biggest and best suppliers of renewable energy, Octopus Energy shows no sign of slowing down as they aim to gain 50 million extra customers by 2027. 


Octopus Energy?


If you haven’t heard, Octopus Energy is a green (renewable) energy supplier which was founded by Greg Jackson and Pete Miller in the UK. The company began in 2016 and has developed rapidly since – gaining around 30,000 new customers a month!

The company has been awarded the ‘unicorn status’ which basically means the company (which began as a small startup company) has developed into a business worth £1 billion or more. As for Mr Jackson, this has made him one of the ‘most successful green energy entrepreneurs in UK corporate history’.

At present, the energy supplier provides electricity for around 1.5 million homes and has been rated 5* on TrustPilot.

The company thrives on its sale of 100% renewable energy and works with brands such as Marks and Spencer and Arsenal Football Club! They also offer a range of tariffs and have created the ‘Octopus Go’ tariff which is designed for electric vehicle owners and the ‘Tesla Energy Plan’.


The Tesla Energy Plan 


The Tesla Energy Plan tariff is designed for those who own solar PV and a Tesla Powerwall. This plan offers the lowest flat electricity rates in the UK and enables customers to save up to 75%* on their energy bills.

With this tariff, customers can power their home and cars with 100% renewable energy, reduce electricity bills and protect their homes from power cuts. 

For more information about this tariff read our blog HERE.



2021 Investment


This year, the energy company made the news following their business development plans which aims to bring energy to 50 million more homes with their £3 billion+ investment deal. 

Octopus Energy will merge with its sister company, Octopus Renewables – which was founded 21 years ago – to build around 300 renewable energy systems in home and international soils. 

Greg Jackson has said that the deal could “change the entire energy lifecycle, make every green electron matter, and deliver the green energy transition faster and cheaper for everyone”.

So, for anyone out there trying to make their home less carbon heavy, take a look at the company and try supplying your home with renewables!


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Photo Credit: Octopus Energy

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