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In an era where we are searching for new experiences and adventures, holiday homes are providing families, couples and sole travellers the ability to discover the world. 

Following oversea travel restrictions and self-isolation requirements, staycations are increasing in demand. Many UK homeowners are already placing their properties on holiday home rental sites such as Airbnb. And for those who use these sites, I’m sure you understand how in demand some properties are!


A Huub Holiday Home


At Huub we are witnessing an increase in clients keen to get on board with market trends and build their own holiday home. Our Huubs provide your rental home with its unique selling point – ‘a sustainable holiday’. 

Unlike the majority of holiday lettings, a Huub is different. Powered by solar, the Huub utilizes the suns’ energy to produce renewable energy which can help to power the electronic equipment in the building and your home or business.  The Huub is built from eco-friendly, low VOC materials which further reduces its environmental impact.  If that is not enough, Huubs are stylishly designed to provide an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space so you can relax on your well-deserved break. It is no wonder that we are seeing a rapid increase in clientele interest!

huub house

Type 23 Huub


How much could I make from a Huub?


…Let’s be real, money is on everyone’s mind. 

Our Huubs start at £12,995 (plus VAT) and range upwards to £60,000. However, the Huub type and finish will affect the price. 

As for how much you could make, it all depends on how much you can charge for a night’s rental. Lets suggest you decide to charge £75 per night and have the Huub rented for 150 nights, you could earn £11,250.  Ramp that number up and charge £125 per night you earn £18,750 a year.  This means you have paid off the Huub and into profit by year 3 or 4. 


Holiday Home Returns

Holiday Home Returns


In a world concerned with sustainability, sell your own sustainable holiday!


About Us:

Huub is a Dorset based, British company that constructs modular, timber framed, solar powered garden buildings. Huubs are built in an off-site facility in Dorset and offer a great opportunity to generate solar energy and add additional space to your home at a relatively low cost (approximately £1500 per m2).


If you are interested in building a Huub holiday home or want to see our selection of Huubs available,

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