When it comes to garden buildings and house extensions we know that competition is rife. So, why choose Huub?

As a business we are new, but we are determined to make a difference. 

At Huub we have found our niche: solar powered buildings and we are passionate about this. So much so that our directors’ homes are powered by solar…we practise what we preach!


Our Business Beliefs 

At Huub we provide our clients the choice to go green. We believe that we have a corporate social responsibility to influence society and provide the means to engage in sustainable practises. This is why we produced the ‘Huub’: a modular, self-sufficient building made from eco-friendly materials that is designed to produce more energy than it consumes.

In fact, our Huubs are so green that our Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) have been awarded A++. You really cannot get much better than that!


Why Choose Huub

  1. Handmade in England: each Huub is hand built in Dorset using quality eco-materials. Our manufacturing team is composed of well-trained engineers, electricians and builders so rest assure that each and every Huub is built flawlessly. Even our workshop is powered by a 50kW solar array!
  2. Home Power Station: each Huub produces more power than it consumes. This means that they can provide up to 90% of your homes electricity needs.
  3. Nature-friendly and Sustainable: Our Huubs can save up to 3 tonnes of CO2 per year.  They are made with low impact products that are recycled, low VOC, and friendly to nature. This is very important to us!
  4. 10 Year Warranty: our Huubs are built to last. We believe in our products ability to withstand the elements and for your peace of mind, we offer a considerable warranty period.
  5. Energy Security: would you like power when the lights go out in your street?  A Huub alongside a Powerwall can offer seamless clean energy.
  6. Extra Space/Home Office: a Huub is a great way to add space and value to your home. Experts estimate that a Huub can increase property value by £20k upwards.  Fancy a home office, gym, studio, annex or airb’n’b?
  7. 5* Reviews: we pride ourselves on our service, quality of product and we do what we say we will do.  This has been reflected in our reviews!


A Major Difference in Materials (compared to our competitors) 

We have carefully selected our building materials to ensure that our Huubs’ have as little environmental impact as possible. So, let’s explore the materials that Huub uses.


1. We use Aluminum Doors and Windows (not uPVC)

Aluminium is a naturally corrosive-resistant material which has a long lifetime of 40 – 45 years. The material can biodegrade and is readily recycled. This means that it can be reformed into a new product after its use in our Huubs!

Many of our competitors rely on uPVC since the material is cheaper. Although, this synthetic plastic polymer has many environmental issues. uPVC has a lifetime of around 15 years although signs of aging start after 3 years!  The plastic footprint of the material is immense since uPVC can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. Plastic pollution is a major issue in the 21st century and we do not want to contribute to this! 

...We also use aluminium for our fascias and soffits! 

Fascias and soffits complete the look of a building. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of our Huubs, but they also protect it from water damage and rot. Since aluminium does not rust, our fascias and soffits will stay in perfect condition for decades. 

soffit and fascia

Source: Weathershield Gutters


2. We use Recycled Materials

Our Huubs contain recycled plastic (which is mostly found in our window frames). Using recycled plastic reduces the amount of landfill waste – reducing the effects of landfill plastic pollution. 

3. We use High Quality Plywoods

We have ensured to choose the best quality plywood so our buildings have minimal impact. We use durable, low VOC plywood so your Huub won’t harm your health (for more information on VOC’s read HERE).

4.We Do Not use MDF, Chipboard, Plaster or Concrete!

These materials are not eco-friendly. MDF and Chipboard contain formaldehyde – an organic compound which has carcinogenic effects – and the process of making concrete creates an immense amount of CO2. 


Our Price Includes Solar Panels!

Instead of being an ‘add-on option’, solar panels are integrated into our modular Huubs – so there are no hidden costs. 

Since you are buying into renewable energy, over a 10 year period you could make a saving of around £8,000+ on your energy bills…This alone should be enough to choose a Huub!

Moreover, since you are less reliant upon grid electricity you could save 3 tonnes of CO2 per year by purchasing one of our Huubs!


About Us:

Huub is a Dorset based, British company that constructs modular, timber framed, solar powered garden buildings. Huubs are built in an off-site facility in Dorset and offer a great opportunity to generate solar energy and add additional space to your home at a relatively low cost (approximately £1500 per m2).


If you are interested in building a Huub and would like you see our range of Huubs visit our website at: https://www.huub.house/ 


You can contact us on: 01305 250429

Or, email us at: sales@huub.space


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