Covid-19 presented vast challenges for the working population and for many of us, working from home became the new normal.

Resulting from social distancing regulations and fears of germ spreading, large corporations such as ‘Twitter’ and our local Dorset Council resorted to permanent/part-time work from home.  Even our office-based team at Huub are working from home. In fact, a study by ‘Whereby’ found that 82% of companies are considering employing their staff from home full time once Covid-19 is over.

Working in your own home has its benefits. No more astronomical fuel bills each week from commuting, you can wake up just before work starts and typically work in your comfies (unless you’re on a conference call of course) and you can spend more time with your loved ones.

However, it does bring its own challenges: screaming kids, TV distractions, no work friendly environment and a fridge which is always tempting you with 20 minute food breaks. We understand, working from home is not always as easy as it sounds. 

For many, the pandemic has brought about the need to create a separate space which they can efficiently work from without the daily distractions of home life. For my brother-in-law this meant redesigning his spare room into a home office although the calls from his one year old son are a considerable distraction because he wants attention. 

All these factors have led to Huub receiving innumerable inquiries about home office installations – the fact is, home offices are a new necessity brought on by the pandemic. 


Huub Home Offices


Our Huubs are stylish modular buildings which are constructed on your property. Being modular, your Huub is made our Frampton warehouse and re-built directly upon your chosen location – so it’ll be perfect from the start.

Unique to Huub, all our buildings have solar panel installations which means that they can provide the electricity needed to power the lighting, appliances and even your laptop. And, alongside the addition of a Tesla Powerwall, a Huub could reduce your energy bills by up to 90%.

Working from home now sounds really good to me!


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About us:

Huub is a Dorset based, British company that constructs modular, timber framed, solar powered garden buildings. Huubs are built in an off-site facility in Dorset and offer a great opportunity to generate solar energy and add additional space to your home at a relatively low cost (approximately £1500 per m2).

Huub Installation

Huub Installation

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