Leisure centres were forced to close their doors to the community following the Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst regulations have been somewhat lifted over the past few weeks, fears of a further rise in UK cases is threatening re-closure of the leisure industry.

It is no wonder that home gyms are becoming increasingly popular following these recent events. In fact, I myself have been one of the many people trying to purchase home fitness equipment over the Covid period. As like many, I am trying to keep myself sane during insane times.

During the start of lockdown, ‘Joe Wickes’ inspired the nation to keep fit by encouraging families to follow his workouts in the comfort of their own home. Personal trainers and instagram fitness icons have been following the lead by encouraging the world to stay active. 

Large companies such as ‘peloton’ (https://www.onepeloton.co.uk/)  have developed home fitness programmes and classes fit for all. Described as the ‘future for fitness and tech’, Peloton has made a $4billion business from selling customers their own ‘home gym’. With these technologies challenging users to beat their own personal bests – home gyms are without a doubt making a difference to people’s mental and physical health.

In an ideal world the perfect home gym would boast a quality sound system, air conditioning unit, a variety of exercise equipment and maybe even a TV. The only issue is these appliances use electricity which could increase your energy bill.


A Solar Powered Home Gym?


In an attempt to break away from conventional non-renewable grid electricity, Huub is providing a renewable answer for your home gym. The self-sufficient modular buildings can produce electricity from solar pv systems to power your gym and entertainment equipment at home. Since our Huubs reduce your grid energy usage, not only will you save money on a gym membership and travel expenses but also on your monthly bills. Brilliant!

Huub uses eco-friendly, low VOC materials whenever we can. We want to help you and the environment stay healthy!  We will do the work so you can get your gains.


If you are interested in building a sustainable Huub Gym contact us on: 01305 250429

Or, email us as: sales@huub.space

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