I am sure you have already heard…but Ofgem have announced that from April 1st 2021, the price caps on energy will be lifted – affecting around 15 million UK households. 


Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) announced on Friday 5th February that prices will return to pre-pandemic levels. 

This means that UK households should expect an increase in their energy bills by around £96 (if they are on a default tariff) and £87 (if they are on a prepayment metre). 

This increase comes as the first rise in the past two years and is reported to be a result of an increase in the wholesales cost of energy.  

Although, considering that the pandemic has already made money tight for so many families, right now doesn’t seem to be the best time and it has caused significant backlash.

In fact, John Barrowman (celebrity singer, actor, dancer) hit out with a viral video stating  that “the country, the people are hurting at the moment, people are financially hurting, people are scrimping and saving to put food on the table, to pay mortgages, to pay bills and we’re all taking a hit as a nation, the energy companies should take a hit also, because you’re going to make profits anyway”.

Despite this, Ofgem’s Chief Executive stated that they have “carefully scrutinized these changes to ensure that customers pay a fair price”, but as Citizens Advice Chief Executive Alistair Cromwall put it, it is a “heavy blow to a lot of households”.


Micro-generation systems: avoiding tariff changes


Unfortunately, if you require energy, like everyone in the modern era, you are required to pay whatever the price is asking.  This means that in instances like this, your bills can continually fluctuate.

This is one reason why home micro-generation systems are a great option, since you can create your own renewable energy at home – reducing your reliance on the grid.  I.e, you’re not bound by the uncertainty of energy prices. 

Micro-generation systems such as Solar PV are great for households who want to take ownership of their energy and future-proof their property. 

Estimates from the Energy Savings Trust have suggested that a 4kWp system (kilo-watt peak) can save between £85 – £220 per year off your yearly energy bill. 

Furthermore, since a 12 panel array is often more than enough to supply the energy requirements for a household, you may no longer require grid energy at all and, since payback is around 8-10 years, you will only be making energy savings in the long term.


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