As us Brits get the green light to travel around the UK, I’m sure many of us are eager for a well deserved break. For some, a great holiday break is by the coast relaxing on the beach and for others, it’s a countryside break, waking up with the bird calls. Either way, Eco holidays are on the rise.


What is an Eco Holiday?


‘Eco’ holidays are a type of holiday which aims to minimise environmental impact. This concept has grown following concerns over climate change and general wastage present whilst we are on holiday.

Eco holidays derive from the idea of ‘Ecotourism’: a type of travelling break which enables individuals to experience the ‘place’ without making any lasting impacts. Ecotourism aims to improve the lives of the locals with social, economic and environmental benefits.

In the UK, the term more often-than-not insinuates that the holiday property utilises solar (or other renewable energy generation systems) and has ‘eco friendly’ facilities on-site which are more green than the competition. 

Furthermore, by having a holiday ‘at home’ you are avoiding air travel which is the biggest polluting element of most travels. 


UK Eco Holidays


You do not need to go far to find yourself an eco-holiday.  A simple Airbnb search tailored to select only Eco options will bring you pages of results and webpages such as ‘EcoHolidayShop’ have been designed to showcase eco options. The National Trust also publicises eco holiday lettings and assures that the money paid for the stay will get put to good use for environmental protection – a proper eco-holiday!


Huub and Eco-Holidays


At Huub we specialise in sustainability. This means that every holiday room, garden office pod, home gym, workshop (and more) is built fitted with solar PV.  Our Huubs can power up to 90% of your entire home’s electricity needs (especially when coupled with a Tesla Powerwall) which reduces your need to rely upon fossil fuels.

Solar PV isn’t all though. Our Huubs are made using both sustainable and recycled materials with low VOC (volatile organic compound) content and as such, our environmental impact is greatly reduced. In fact, due to our focus on being green, our Huubs have received Energy Performance Certificates of A**!  You really cannot get better than that!

It is therefore no wonder that we are seeing a rapid increase in clientele interest!  

The finished product? Take a look at the Huub below: modern, classy and future proofed!


As for Huub holiday homes, take a look at our quirky, self-sustaining holiday rooms available on Airbnb at Portland. The Whitestones Art Retreat was bespokely designed with environmental health in mind. It is powered by the sun, heated using underfloor heating systems powered by an air source heat pump.

Huub built the Whitestones Art Retreat: Rent it on Airbnb: SEE IT HERE


Will your next holiday be an eco-holiday?


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