Recognised as one of the fastest growing trends in the solar industry, carports are emerging as a popular contemporary solution for sustainable energy generation. Ports utilize your home space to provide a fashionable solar port for your car.


How do they generate energy?


Car ports are designed with solar panel (photovoltaic) roofing which not only generates energy but also provides some protection from the rain and elements. Innovative solutions by the IRFTS (Innovator of Solar Photovoltaic Solutions) harbour the use of waterproof modular ports. The company uses motorised panels that can adjust vertically so that you can allow natural sunlight to brighten up your port space. So if you are looking to catch some rays and achieve the summer glow – this could be for you.

Carports can be designed to match your own aesthetic preferences and property style and their uses extend beyond a simple car parking spot. Architects have designed these ports as patio areas, building lobbies, commercial car parks and bike shelters. However, you can decide on its use.


How much do they cost?


By now you may be wondering whether this installation would break your bank. To put the cost into perspective, the average garage extension costs up to £30,000 (approximately) whilst a solar carport would set you back around £15,000.

I know that there will be readers torn by the cost of a carport installation however, these installations are a long-term investment. The solar energy produced by the port will provide year round energy savings and can produce enough energy to power your electric car. Furthermore, by incorporating renewable energy into your home you are reducing your dependancy on fossil fuels. Bonus!


About us:

Huub is a Dorset based, British company that constructs modular, timber framed, solar powered garden buildings. Huubs are built in an off-site facility in Dorset and offer a great opportunity to generate solar energy and add additional space to your home at a relatively low cost (approximately £1500 per m2).


If we have tempted you or would like more information about developing your own carport, give Huub a call on 01305 250429.




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