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Dorset built, timber-framed modular buildings, powered by the sun.  Each huub can produce enough solar energy to provide up to *90% of your home’s energy needs.

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Energy Security

Self-power your home or business and protect against rising energy costs.

Nature-Friendly & Sustainable

Built in Dorset using recycled, sustainable and low VOC materials.

Premium Accommodation

For holiday parks, garden rooms, artist retreats, kitchen extensions, & extra space.

Why is huub unique?

After 5 years of installing solar panels in SW UK and the growth of electric vehicles, we have seen the need to maximise the install of solar energy to increase the locally produced clean energy for your home or business.  Equally, there is a need for high end, premium garden offices that offer a multitude of benefits including extra space, a quiet space to work or a future annex.  


How are we different?

We work to a very high standard, our sister company has over 26 FIVE STAR reviews.

Our Values:
Customer Service: We always put our clients first.
Quality & Sustainability: We only install quality materials that are as sustainable as possible.
Integrity: Our company & staff work to incredibly high standards and this is reflected in our reviews and workmanship.

Our Launch Design

huub Type 22: Garden Office or Extra Space 3.8m x 3.5m

Suitable for:

  • Garden offices
  • Annexes
  • Playrooms
  • Gyms & saunas
  • Creative spaces

This huub offers flexible accommodation and the ability to generate and store power via the integrated solar panels and storage batteries. 

Internally, we offer integrated LED lighting and a choice of panels for the plywood walls and ceilings.

Up to 6.4kWp of solar, generating approx. 4208 kWh of energy per year and saving 3 tonnes of CO2.

Energy Security
2018 went down as the worst year ever for energy price hikes.  In total, there were 57 price rises for energy affecting all consumers coming out of fixed deals.  This meant an average increase of £74 and 2019 will see another rise of at least 6-10%.  Now more than ever, it is essential to invest in locally produced solar energy to offset the impact of an uncertain market and exchange rates.  Each huub has solar panels as standard, enjoy the benefits of a huub today.
Power Cuts: A recent Tesla report (May 2019) showed 2738 power cuts within just 10 miles of our HQ (DT1 3AZ).  Looking ahead, the national grid will be under further strain as more and more people transition to electric vehicles.  Investing in a huub with a Tesla Powerwall offers your home energy security: power in the event of an outage situation.
Nature-Friendly & Sustainable
Where possible we use sustainable, recycled or recyclable products for every huub we build.  We are constantly searching for more sustainable options so please get in touch if you have a relevant material to offer us.  Another key area we are focussing on is VOCs.
What is a VOC?
Volatile Organic Compound: These occur in human-made and natural chemicals and can be hazardous over the long term. Examples: Paints, carpets, chipboard, and insulation.  VOCs have been shown to have a detrimental effect on human health.  The reality is that a new carpet will ‘off-gas’ within your home and these gases are poisonous, the issue is that the off-gassing process can last for 6 months or more so please consider this when moving into a new home.
Premium Accommodation
Alternatively, you may just need extra space for guests, boomerang kids or an annex for your parents.  Huubs offer a high end, sustainable, innovative solution – generate power and income!

In Development & Production

Type 11: Garden Office 2.6m x 2.6m

Up to 0.8kWp of solar generating approx. 700kWh of energy per year.

Type 22: Garden Office 3.8m x 3.5m

Up to 6.4kWp of solar generating approx. 4208 kWh of energy per year.

Type 31: Garden Office 4.5m x 3m

Up to 3.6kWp of solar generating approx. 3140kWh of energy per year.

Type 41: For Caravan Parks 10m x 4.5m

Up to 8kWp of solar generating approx. 7160kWh of energy per year.

Type 51: Carports 4.0m x 5.2m

Up to 6.4kWp of solar generating approx. 4700kWh of energy per year.

Type 61: Extensions 7m x 5m

Up to 4kWp of solar generating approx. 3580kWh of energy per year.

From Concept to Reality…

We have already built many huubs, please take a look at the video to find out more…

How Are We Different?

It all starts with design.  Using our combined 50 years of renewable energy and industry experience we wanted to create an outstanding design coupled with the ability to self power and store energy.

Highly Insulated: Low energy

Solar Powered: Self-Powered.  Clean energy.  Locally produced.
Each huub has integrated solar panels and could produce enough energy to power your home or business.  huub Type 22  has 6.04kWp of solar generating up to 4208 kWh of energy per year.  The average home uses 5000 kWh per year.

Battery Storage: Energy security for your home or business.
Each huub can be connected to a Tesla Powerwall solar storage battery.  In the event of a power outage, your huub could provide power to your home to lights, Wi-Fi and Fridge/Freezers.

Nature-friendly: Our huubs are made with low impact products that are recycled, low VOC, and friendly to nature.  This is very important to us.


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